Softcare Stone Protector 500 ml


Softcare Stone/ Seam Protector is suitable for all natural stone, tiles, soapstone, flagstone and grout between the tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. Keeps stone floors and surfaces clean and easy to maintain.

Creates invisible, odourless water and dirt resistant surface, which helps to keep the surfaces clean. Does not change the surface’s appearance or colour, does not clog surface pores, and lets the material breathe. Easy to use, fits all types of stone and stone-like construction and floor surfaces. Also suitable for fireplaces since detergent is 400°C heat resistant.

Instructions for use: Shake well. Try first on a small area. Spray or brush on so that surface is moistened evenly. Let dry for at least an hour before using. Provide good ventilation. Do not use near open flame. Does not contain PFOS or PFOA compounds. Enough for 4-6 m2 depending on surface quality and density.

Do not use on faux leather of plastic.

Size 500 ml pump bottle. EAN 6416977712008.

Softcare Stone Protector 500 ml


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