Values and environment


Soft Protector Ltd follows the EFQM environmental standard

Through the development and production of Softcare products, we want to positively impact our environment. We select raw materials, packaging and approaches that have the least impact on the environment.

All our packaging is recyclable. The plastic packaging is made of recyclable HDPE plastic. These can be recycled with normal mixed waste or burnt. The cardboard packaging is made of unbleached cardboard that can be recycled with cardboard waste. We use no aerosol. Our products are environmentally friendly and economical for use.

Softcare Cleaners are biodegradable and contain no phosphates or zeolites. They rinse off easily even at lower temperatures. The solvent isopropanol, used in the protectors, are completely biodegradable. The active substance in the protectors, fluoropolymere, is a slow detergent which does not react with other chemicals.

As a manufacturer, we want to be our industry’s pioneer in environmental consciousness. As a leading detergent manufacturer, we want to set high standards for quality, environmental friendliness and safety of use.

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