Softcare Home Textile Protector 500 ml

An excellent impregnation for garments, jackets, outdoor wear, real leather etc. It forms a highly effective molecular shield around fibres and guards against water and all kinds of dirt. Doesn’t change colour, air permeability or flammability. Enough for 6–8 m². Also for multilayer materials. Treatment lasts even 2–3 washes.

Directions of use: Shake well and spray evenly on clean, dry surface from 15 cm distance. Let dry in room temperature for 2–3 hours before use. Air the room well. Test colourfastness first on an invisible spot. Renew treatment when needed.

Packaged in a spray bottle made of aerosol-free recyclable plastic that can be burnt or recycled as mixed waste when bottle is empty.

EAN: 6416977715702

Softcare Home Textile Protector 500 ml


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