Softcare Water Based Leather Protector 300 ml

efficient protector especially for white leather

Softcare Water Based Leather Protector forms an invisible protection against dirt and water without altering the feel or appearance of the surface. Particularly suitable for white leather, but also for all other leather, suede and nubuck types, including bycast, pull up and faux leather.

Directions for use: Protect the surrounding surfaces with a paper dust sheet. Spray onto a dry, clean surface from a distance of 15 cm, and apply the protector evenly using a lint free cloth. Let dry with sufficient ventilation. The protection becomes fully effective in 24 hours. Do a test first on an area that is not visible. Repeat the treatment if necessary. Enough for 5–8 m2.

The product is packaged in recyclable plastic. The package can be recycled or burnt.

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Softcare Water Based Leather Protector 300 ml


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