Softcare Leather Protector 500 ml

Softcare Leather Protector 500 ml

leather protector

Softcare Leather Protector is an effective and easy to use means. Softcare Leather Protector prevents dirt and moisture from soaking into the leather. The agent facilitates the handling of leather surfaces and protect against permanent staining. It protects against various types of stains, including oil and grease. Leather cover lends itself almost to kinds of real leather types (NOTE: not suitable for Bycast leather, pull-up leather, Bonded-leather or composition leather as these surfaces are plastic). To protect the leather and suede are the only way to keep these surfaces clean.

Softcare protection does not alter the leather’s characteristics, colour or air permeability. The protection is in normal operation in two to three years. One bottle is enough to protect the 5-7 m2, i.e. surface of a five-seat leather furniture. When you protect the furniture, let the pads to dry separately. Place them against the moist furniture or against each other. Spray protection in a well ventilated area and protect the surrounding area while spraying. Before using protection, test it first on a small unseen area.

Spray on clean leather so that the surface just becomes wet. Do not allow the leather to become too wet. Some leather couches has a base of leather even if the faces are made of genuine leather. In these cases, the law is not sprayed; it is enough to clean them. Softcare leather protection can also be used for leather and suede shoes, bags and coats. After the surface has dried after treatment, it pays to wax the surface with Softcare’s protective balm. Contains no harmful or toxic compounds or PFOS or PFOA compounds.

Softcare Leather Cover comes in a recyclable plastic bottle of 500 ml, which can be burnt or recycled as mixed waste when it is empty.

NOTE! The product is highly flammable; do not smoke while spraying or spray near open fire. EAN 6416977712220

Softcare Leather Protector 500 ml


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