Softcare Leather Protector 300 ml

Softcare Leather Protector is an effective impregnation against all kinds of dirt and liquids, even oil and grease. Forms a protective shield around the fibres. Also suitable for suede and nubuck. Does not change the breathability or other features of the leather.

Work in a well ventilated room. Protect surrounding surfaces during spraying. Shake well and spray evenly on a clean, dry surface from 15 cm distance. Avoid wetting the leather too much. Let dry for 2 hours. Renew treatment when needed. Enough for 4-5 m². Not suitable for bycast, pull up or faux leather.

Packaged in a spray bottle made of aerosol-free recyclable plastic that can be burnt or recycled as mixed waste when bottle is empty.

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Softcare Leather Protector 300 ml


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