ZERO Sensitive pyykinpesuaine

Softcare ZERO Sensitive Laundry detergent 2 L

Softcare Zero Sensitive laundry detergent is designed primarily for people with sensitive skin. The laundry detergent does not contain fragrances or dyes, phosphates, optical brighteners or zeolites. The product removes dirt and unpleasant smells from clothes. Suitable for whites and different colours, sport and work clothes, microfibre items and cleaning tools. There is no need to use rinse aids with the laundry gel.

Ingredients: horticultural soap, ethanol, surfactants, organic solvents, water.

Size of machine 5 KG
Water Soft* Medium hard Hard
Dosage 20 ml 25 ml 30 ml
Washes 100 80 66
Washing by hand 10 ml / 8 l water
* Finland’s most common water type

Volume: 2L
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Softcare ZERO Sensitive Laundry detergent 2 L


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