Softcare Water Based Textile Protector

Suitable for all types of textiles and carpeting. Gives a long-lasting protection against dirt and liquids.

Directions for use: Make sure that working area is well ventilated and wear respiratory protective equipment. Use spraying equipment of airless type. Stir well before use. Spray evenly from a distance of 15 – 20 cm. Make sure that all surface gets covered and wet. Let dry before use or before being packed. Softcare® Water Based Textile Protector will reach its final effect after 24 hours in room temperature. Try first on an invisible spot. Read the material safety data sheet. 1 – 1,5 dl/ m2 is enough for furniture textiles, 1,5 – 3 dl/ m2 for carpets. In long hair carpets, ensure the absorption of the protector by brushing/stroking the hair and finally flattening it by brushing in one direction.

Volume: 5 L
EAN: 6416977715153

Volume: 10 L
EAN: 6416977715184


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Softcare Water Based Textile Protector