Softcare Stone and Seam Protector

Softcare Stone Protector keeps surfaces on fireplaces, stone floors, tile joints, etc. clean and easy to maintain. Treatment gives the surface a stain-resistant coating that facilitates stain removal and cleaning. Softcare Stone Protector forms an invisible molecular net on the stone surface, preventing dirt and moisture from being sucked into the material. Softcare Stone Protector does not affect the stone surface properties and does not change the colour. Not suitable for faux leather and plastic. Easy to use, suitable for protection of all kinds of brick, tile, stone and stone-like surfaces and joints. Also suitable for stone with glossy surface, but surface should be polished after treatment. Contains no PFTS or PFTA compounds.

Volume: 5 L
EAN: 6416977715498

Volume: 10 L
EAN: 6416977715504


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Softcare Stone and Seam Protector