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Softcare Aintwood Protector 300 ml

Softcare Aintwood Protector protects plastic surfaces on outdoor furniture against grease, dirt, oil, food, and pollen stains. It also prevents hot food stains from sticking to the surface. The protector is easy to use and keeps for 1-2 years after treatment. Your furniture will stay beautiful and easy to clean for a long time. Aintwood is polystyrene, which is a porous plastic. Its invisible pores easily suck in dirt, which makes it difficult to clean. Cleaning polystyrene can leave the surface spotted. Its heat resistance is poor, so hot food or containers can easily leave marks on the surface.

Safety data sheets: download PDF

Volume: 300ml
EAN: 6416977713098

Softcare Aintwood Protector 300 ml


SKU: 713098