Softcare Kodin rasvapesu

Softcare Grease wash for the home

Environmentally friendly detergent for greasy dirt indoors as well as outdoors. Effective even for stubborn greasy dirt, as well as traces of different kinds of glue and stickers. Suitable for the cleaning of stainless steel as well as other dirty surfaces, such as walls, floors, tables, equipment, and greasy surfaces. The product efficiently removes dirt and does not contain any ingredients which burden the environment. Biodegradable and plant-based.

Instructions: Test the detergent in an invisible spot first. Spread the detergent onto the surface and allow it to react for a few minutes, depending on how dirty the surface is. Use a sponge or brush, and rinse off with water.

Contents: Plant-based soap < 5 %, Nonionic surfactants < 5 %, Sodium carbonate < 5 %.

Safety data sheets: download PDF (in Finnish)

Volume: 500ml
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Softcare Grease wash for the home


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