Desisoft käsihuuhdeautomaatti

Desisoft hand sanitiser

Battery operated hand sanitizer dispenser

An automatic battery-operated dispenser that dispenses without touching just the right amount of sanitiser. Available with a wall-mounted dispenser or stand-alone stand.
Suitable for offices, shops, restaurants, shopping malls, amusement parks, swimming pools and other spaces where a lot of people move.


  • Detects hands automatically
  • The tank can be refilled
  • Approximately 500 servings are sufficient from a 1-litre container
  • Powered by batteries.
  • Always the right amount of product without touching
  • An easy locking mechanism prevents misuse

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Dispenser with a stand:

Size: 163x30x30
Sales lot: 1 pc
Product code: 714347
EAN code: 6416977714347


Size: 12.4x11x26
Sales lot: 1 pc
Product code: 714354
EAN code: 6416977714354

Dispenser with a table stand:

Size: 37x20x30
Sales lot: 1 pc
Product code: 714361
EAN code: 6416977714361

Desisoft hand sanitiser