Softcare Odourless Textile Protector 500 ml

unscented, effective protection against dirt and moisture for all types of garments

Suitable for all textile fibres, even multilayer materials. Does not change the colour air permeability or other properties of the fabric. The product is safe to use and environment-friendly. Sufficient to protect the 3-4 m2. Lasts a couple of wash cycles, and heat activation after washing activates protection.

Instructions for use: Spray surface evenly moist and let dry. The protection reaches its  full effect in 2 days’ time.

Protection repels water and oil based dirt. Clean clothes with Softcare detergent or stain remover when they get dirty.

Does not affect the air permeability of fabric, its appearance or surface. Softcare protection lasts a couple of wash cycles. Easy to use and safe. Does not contain PFOS or PFOA compounds. Container of 300 ml is made of recyclable plastic that can be burnt or recycled as mixed waste.

Softcare Odourless Textile Protector 500 ml


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