Softcare Latex Paint Remover 500 ml

water-based remover for latex paints

Softcare Latex paint remover is a new, solvent-free remover for latex paints. The product has been designed using a new Softcare technology, and it is efficient and environmentally friendly to use. The new Softcare technology is based on a unique invention that dissolves fat and other dirt without using solvents. The new consistency provides this effect.

Usage: Apply the remover onto the latex paint and let work 15 minutes or longer until the paint peels off.  Remove with a spatula or rinse off the softened paint with water. Treatment can be repeated as necessary on thicker paint layers. Does not harm surfaces. Shake well.

The product is packaged in recyclable plastic. The package can be recycled or burnt.

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Softcare Latex Paint Remover 500 ml


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