Softcare Latex Paint Brush Cleaner 500 ml

water-based cleaner for latex paint brushes

Softcare Latex Paint Brush Cleaner makes it easy for you to clean brushes with dried latex paint. The product has been designed using a new Softcare technology, and it is efficient and environmentally friendly to use. The new Softcare technology is based on a unique invention that dissolves fat and other dirt without using solvents. The new consistency provides this effect. The cleaner is water-based.

Usage: Pour the detergent into a glass, plastic or metal container and submerge the brush in the liquid. Let soak for 2 hours and rinse brush with water. Shake well.

The product is packaged in recyclable plastic. The package can be recycled or burnt.

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Softcare Latex Paint Brush Cleaner 500 ml


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