Softcare Concentrated Graffiti Remover 2 L

Softcare Graffiti remover is a new, solvent-free remover for graffiti. The product has been designed using a new Softcare technology, and it is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly to use. The new Softcare technology is based on a unique invention that dissolves fat and other dirt without using solvents. It does not harm the user and is also environmentally friendly. The new consistency provides this effect. The product is water-based so it does not harm the area around the cleansed surface. This also means less preparation before cleaning. The detergent cannot be used in sub-zero temperatures or on frozen surfaces. Working temperature is at least +5 Celsius. If surface has a primary paint coating, be careful not to remove that. First test product on a small area.

Usage: For thick graffiti, spray remover straight onto the paint and let work for at least half an hour or longer. Then rinse surface with water. For smaller problem areas made with latex paint, dilute remover in water 1:2-4 and let work for at least half an hour or longer. Rinse the surface with water, for example with power wash or other machine.

Safety data sheets: download PDF

Volume: 2 L
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Softcare Concentrated Graffiti Remover 2 L


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