Odourless Leather Protector 500 ml

Softcare Odourless leather protector 500 ml

water-based leather protector


The water-based, odourless Softcare Leather Protector effectively protects leather surfaces from dirt and moisture. It is easy to use and suitable for all types of leather, even PullUp, Bycast, Bonded leather and faux leather surfaces. The protector can be used on furniture, in cars and boats.


The product does not affect air permeability or other properties of the material. Spray surface evenly and, if necessary, apply with a sponge or soft cloth. Let dry with good ventilation before using the material. Protection achieves its full effect in about two days. Does not contain PFOS or PFOA compounds. Shake before use. Store at above 5°C. 500 ml, EAN 6416977712732

Odourless Leather Protector 500 ml


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