Softcare guidelines for summer

After summer is here, it is important to look after your outdoor furniture to make them last in good condition for longer. Softcare provides a good range of effective, easily biodegradable and safe-to-use solutions for washing and protecting various kinds of materials.

The ABC of sofa protection

In addition to the basic cleaning at home, your furniture should receive regular maintenance. This applies particularly to the focal point of the modern home, the sofa.

Relaxed and effective Christmas cleaning

Christmas stress is bound to hit us by the end of November. There are presents to be bought, food to be planned and cooked, home to be cleaned. Therefore, we recommend that all homemakers spread out their Christmas cleaning over several days so that it will not feel like a burden.

How to remove stuffy smells from textiles

Stuffy smells caused by moisture do not always go away even after a dustup. Also mould damages cause unpleasant smell in textiles. Air fresheners and scents might cover the smell for a while but the result is not permanent.

New water based protectors

Softcare has introduced new and improved water based products both for leather and textiles. These products are not alcohol-based and they are almost odourless.

Softcare Laundry Detergents

We have renewed our laundry detergent range – focusing only on special detergent products. The products have been renewed and they are even more effective than ever!